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Bamboo flooring - Environmentally friendly...without sacrificing style

Bamboo flooring has rapidly become the natural floor of choice for millions of people worldwide, not only for its status as an environmentally friendly product, but because it is an extremely stylish one too! 

Most people need not be reminded of how quickly bamboo grows or replenishes itself after being harvested, for this has been much talked about and documented for centuries. In fact, most consumers are fully aware of this wonder of nature and its benefits, but more importantly nowadays they know that it is being turned into numerous practical and stylish products, and they want some of them! Enter bamboo flooring.

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These days, consumers looking to enhance the beauty of their home or place of work with a bamboo floor simply want to know what options are available to them with regard to color, quality, style, ease of installation, etc. Manufacturers of bamboo floor coverings, such as Pergo, Westhollow, Panda and Ming Dynasty are now falling over themselves to provide consumers with such options. What consisted of very limited choices just a decade ago has now become one of the hottest selling flooring products with just about every conceivable option imaginable. Advancing technology has made all of this possible meaning that a huge choice now awaits the consumer that wants to find a touch of class that suits their style, and of course one that makes a statement that belongs all to them! What will it be? I care about the world!  I've got class!  I love nature!  This is my favorite natural texture!  It could be any one of these, or all of them, and more. What's yours?

Are you ready to make your statement? Wipe the floor with bamboo flooring!

These days you don't need to worry about whether or not a bamboo floor will match your favored color scheme, this is because you can choose just about any color you desire. Realizing that a substantial amount of people love the natural look of bamboo floor but want something just a little different, some of the major producers are now making this flooring stained in a wide variety of colors. The grain is still visible, and you have a choice of dark or subtle shades. There is surely something to suit even the most finicky amongst us. Or just stick with the classic natural colored options that will fit with virtually any decor. The choice is yours!

Essentially, bamboo flooring is laminated, but this is something that often confuses people. They say they want a solid floor not a laminate one. We've got great news for them! With very few exceptions, most types are made up of solid strips of bamboo that are joined together. 

They are very unlike some wooden laminates, that are often thin slices of wood, or even photos of wood, glued to the top of thicker pieces of plywood backing board. So when they purchase a solid bamboo floor, and you too, what you will get is a solid bamboo laminate. No plywood, this is the real stuff all the way through. 

Easy installation? You got it! Many manufacturers are producing their bamboo floors with easy laying in mind. Pre-finished floors with tongue and groove joints are obviously the clear leader in this regard and they ensure a speedy and uncomplicated installation. Want more control? Prepared to put a bit of extra work into installing your floor? Go for the unfinished types and you'll undoubtedly make some savings too.

Long-lasting beauty with bamboo flooring?

The natural beauty of bamboo is something that will never fade away, the processed finish on a bamboo floor may differ somewhat.

How long will the finish last? Again you have some options here, bamboo flooring is offered with warranties ranging from virtually zero, to lifetime.  Obviously this is where price will come into the equation in a big way. 

The way you intend to use your floor will dictate which warranty you need, as will the amount of time you anticipate having the floor in place. Heavy use or commercial installations may require one to consider a floor with a long term, possibly lifetime, warranty. If you plan on replacing your floor within 10 years, there may be little point in opting for one that is warranted for any longer than this. 

Some flooring will have a warranty which varies depending on where it is installed, for example, either in residential or commercial premises. It may well be the exact same floor for either application but the commercial warranty will be shorter as the floor will receive more foot traffic in a shorter space of time  and therefore reach its limit of normal wear and tear much sooner than a floor in a residential property.

Even flooring without a warranty will suit some consumers, an example might be the small business that conducts two trade shows annually and is looking for something to make their stand look unique. The floor gets walked on for about 10 or 15 days a year and is then stored away for the rest of the time. 

Ultimately your choice of bamboo flooring will come down to a mix of the following considerations:

  • How much you are prepared to pay
  • How easy you want the flooring install to be
  • What your anticipated use of the bamboo floor will be
  • How long you expect to have the floor installed in your premises
  • By bearing in mind the above you will surely be able to conclude what is the best option for you. Now all you need to do is visit some of the online stores to see exactly what is available. Remember what we said about making a statement? Take steps on a bamboo floor to make yours now!

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