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A relative newcomer to the market, Preswick Bamboo Flooring has a select range of quality bamboo floors aimed at the DIY consumer that is looking for an easy to install floor. The longstrip precision squared planks incorporate the Presloc click system which provide an ultra tight fit with seams that are near invisible. As such, buyers can float or glue a Preswick floor into place and obtain a smooth and uninterrupted look that would not be possible with a beveled edge bamboo floor.

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A choice of either horizontal or vertical cane direction is available as well as all the popular shades and color options ranging from Natural Light, Natural, Natural Medium, Carbonized Light and Medium. Constructed with a wooden core, Preswick floors are dimensionally stable and least likely to be affected by climatic changes, unlike some other types that can affected by seasonal weather extremities. This also makes this particular brand of bamboo flooring highly suited for use over a radiant heated floor system.

All planks are coated with at least six coats of long lasting and ultra abrasion resistant UV cured polyurethane w/alum oxide. And in case you have any doubts in the floors ability to stand the test of time, Preswick provides a finish warranty of 25 years!

If you are looking for a high quality bamboo floor that is well suited for use with radiant heating, is up to the job of handling heavy utilization and unlikely to be affected by the elements then Preswick is just the floor for you. Available from iFloor

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