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So you are in the market for bamboo flooring are you? Well done! It's an excellent choice of floor covering, and one that is not only environmentally friendly but  incredibly stylish and practical too. Without doubt, it is something that you can, and will, be proud of for many years to come. What's more, you'll always have something to talk about with admiring members of the family and friends.

Bamboo Flooring Samples & Brands

In many ways the Internet makes it easy to find a supplier of the floor you want to buy without you having to step out of doors but, as you've probably found out, flooring choices can be somewhat overwhelming, especially for the first time buyer. To make things easier for you, we have scoured the Internet's suppliers of bamboo flooring, compared brands and prices and compiled the following information that we hope will help you make an informed decision on the bamboo floor that you want to buy. So please read through the advice below, it is sure to help you get at least one step closer to actually making your purchase with confidence. 

Popular Bamboo Flooring Brands

It's All In The Price. You'll Be Instantly Floored!

Prices can vary enormously and start at under $2.00 S/F but can go up to more than $8.00 S/F. As the price is often a deciding factor when buying a floor it will be better if you first work out how much you are willing to spend before going on to choose the exact type of bamboo floor for you. To get a better idea of what you can buy for the price, you may want to visit some merchants (see below) to see exactly what is available in each price range. Bamboo floors are most commonly available in the following price ranges.

  • Under $2.00 S/F
  • $2.00 - $2.99 S/F
  • $3.00 - $3.99 S/F
  • $4.00 S/F and above

Do bear in mind that pricing of flooring at the cheaper end of the scale is often determined by which UV coating is used to finish the floor. If the particular flooring that you have chosen has been finished with Klumpp lacquer, you can be sure that you have an extremely hard wearing Super Aluminum Oxide finish that is certified to be very low in, or free of, dangerous & toxic substances. You will also find that a bamboo floor  with a Klumpp coating is usually provided with a longer warranty  than one that has been coated with an inferior brand. Quite simply, Klumpp is the industry standard and is therefore much favored by reputable bamboo floor manufacturers that are seeking to provide their customers with outstanding flooring products that will stand the test of time.

Hand Scraped bamboo flooring will also attract a higher price due to the manual manpower that has gone into its manufacture. Its limited availability also keeps its price above that of the more widely available types. An advantage is it's uniqueness, which is something  you'll find hard to beat and therefore makes it worth considering if you are looking for something a little different to a standard bamboo floor.

Up and Down, Left to Right. Will It Be Horizontal or Vertical Flooring?

Next you will need to decide whether you want to buy horizontal or vertical grain flooring. Not sure what the difference is? This refers to the way the individual bamboo slats are laminated together. With horizontal, the pieces are arranged and laminated side by side flatways. With the vertical type the slats are stood upright on edge and then laminated. Here are some examples, as you can see, the look varies considerably for each of them. 

Horizontal Bamboo Flooring

Vertical Bamboo Flooring



The choice is yours! The one that you buy will simply come down to personal preference, this is because  in most of the individual price groups there will be little or no price difference between the horizontal or vertical types.  

Sink, Swim...or Float? Consider Your Options

Another very important consideration will be the type of installation required for the flooring, and whether or not you will be installing the floor yourself will be a big deciding factor in this regard. Many Do-It-Yourselfers will choose a floating floor as they are usually straightforward snap/click together, prefinished, types that simply sit on top of an existing floor that has been suitably prepared and leveled. 

Those wanting more control over the installation might want to choose a nail, staple or glue down floor. You may have more options with these with regard to the finish on them, as some will be pre-finished, whereas others are unfinished and will therefore require on site finishing during installation. Do bear in mind though that installation of the latter type is a highly complex task that should only be carried out by a professional fitter. The main options that you have available are listed below:

  • Floating
  • Nail / Staple
  • Glue

Additional options:

  • Prefinished
  • Unfinished
Paint The Town 'Cognac' Red

Finally, you will want to choose which color or shade of bamboo flooring you want to buy. This should be easy and is probably something that you've already given some thought to. Here are some things to bear in mind: 

  • Your own color preferences
  • The color theme of the room in which the floor will be installed
  • How much traffic the floor will have (a heavily used floor may be more easily marked, therefore a darker floor color may be preferable to a lighter one)
  • What color options are available

These are just a few of the magnificent color options currently being offered by bamboo flooring manufacturers:

Burnt Mocha Bamboo Floor Carbonized Medium Bamboo Flooring Gunstock Bamboo Floor Covering
Burnt Mocha Carbonized Medium Gunstock
Irish Moss Bamboo Floors Natural Medium Bamboo Floor Red Cognac Bamboo Flooring
Irish Moss Natural medium Red Cognac

Images Courtesy of iFloor 

So there you have it, you are almost there. We hope that our tips have helped take you a step closer to purchasing a bamboo floor that is right for you. One thing is certain, whichever one you buy it will enhance the beauty of your home  without having an impact on the environment. Now that's a sound choice if ever there was one! 

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