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Some tips on how to use Bamboo Flooring to create the look of more space in your home

Ming Dynasty Hand Scraped Bamboo Floors - Are you one of the lucky ones?
Ancient skills & traditions have gone into making Ming Dynasty Bamboo Floors. Will you be lucky enough to own one?

If you are thinking of buying discount bamboo flooring be sure to know what you will get for your money!

When it comes to bamboo flooring, snap together is the fastest option
Snap together bamboo floors - The quick and convenient choice

It may look like wood, it may even be just as tough, but is there more to  bamboo wood flooring than meets the eye?

Vertical bamboo floor sales are heading skywards
Some straight up facts about vertical bamboo flooring

Here you can find out what Horizontal Bamboo Flooring is

There are certain things to bear in mind when looking for suppliers of a new floor. Discover what you should look for when choosing a bamboo flooring supplier 

Bamboo Floor Vendors By State 
Find Suppliers & Vendors for your area

Not sure what the different types of bamboo floors are? Check out our glossary of the various types available.

Bamboo Flooring Product Reviews
Quickly and easily identify the major features of popular styles of bamboo flooring with our short reviews of the leading brands.

Discover which brands of bamboo floors you will find best suited to a radiant floor heating system.

Floating Bamboo Flooring 

Natural Bamboo Floor 

Bamboo Floor Prices 

Bamboo Flooring Supplier

DIY Bamboo Floors


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