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Far East Unfinished Bamboo Floors - Total Control Over The Finished Look of Your Bamboo Floor

Far East Bamboo Floors supply their flooring 'unfinished' which makes it the ideal choice of brand for those needing to have the final say in what color shade they want their floor to be and how it should be finished. Subsequently, the whole process of sanding, staining and the application of a protective coating are intended to be carried at the install site.

Far East Floors are typically supplied as a mixture of  random length planks of 2', 3', 4' & 6', which means that you always have the flexibility to experiment with the actual layout of the floor. Add to this the choices of  Horizontal Carbonized, Horizontal Natural, Vertical Natural and Vertical Carbonized types and you can further create a look that will be hard to beat. Combine all of this with the control you get over the finishing and the end result  is sure to be a flooring that is both striking and unique.

You can nail, glue or float Far East Bamboo Flooring which may be an easy enough process for the keen handyperson, however due to the finishing requirements it is recommended that installation is only carried out by a fully qualified bamboo floor fitter.

A point worth mentioning is that as the finishing process is carried out after the flooring has left the factory, this particular brand is not provided with a finish warranty.  However, as with the finished types of bamboo floor, Far East Floor owners should should be able to look forward to many years of continued use without any problems so long as they have installed the flooring professionally.

So if you are looking for full control over the finished look of your floor covering, Far East Bamboo Flooring is the one for you!

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Far East Unfinished Bamboo Flooring

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Far East Unfinished Bamboo Floors

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Far East Unfinished Bamboo Floor

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