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The following list of companies will be of help to you if you are looking to purchase bamboo flooring in bulk direct from a bamboo flooring manufacturer. 

123 Bamboo

311, New Universe, Yi Jin Road,
Lin'an City, Hangzhou, Zhejiang,
China - 311300

0086-13706713111 (English)
0086-571-63813211 (Chinese)




  We are China based manufacturers and exporters of high quality bamboo flooring products. The products that we manufacture are made from carefully selected mature bamboo poles which provide the best strength, durability and stability.

Our company operates in an environmentally responsible manner and uses modern technology and equipment to produce and bring our eco-friendly products to the market without causing damage to the environment.

Please visit our website or contact us for further details of our full range of bamboo flooring products.

List your bamboo flooring manufacturing company here
List your bamboo flooring manufacturing company here

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